Math Equation:

To figure slope of a pipe run you need to calculate rise over run. This is achieved by dividing the rise (being the change in y going up or down) by the run (being the change in x going from left to right). The slope is then usually presented as a percentage (multiply your decimal by 100).

The plans call for you to connect to existing sewer systems with a new 24-inch sewer pipe. The elevation of the first sewer pipe is 980.0 ft and the elevation of the second sewer pipe is 981.0 ft. The distance between the two existing runs of pipe 100 ft. What should the percent of slope be on the new 24-inch pipe.

Create a Culture of Safety:

As a class, walk around an outdoor area. Identify safety measures and precautions that are in place and anything that could be done to make the area safer for the general public.

Discussion Guide:

How important is your personal safety and well-being?
Who are you accountable to if an accident occurs?
What are each of our own responsibilities for being safe?

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