Why Math is Important

By: Roloff Construction Company, a civil contractor and member of The National Utility Contractors Association of Nebraska (NUCA of Nebraska). 

The goal is to get things right, not simply to get them done.  While we always want to work with a sense of urgency, sometimes we need to slow down in order to speed up. Pay attention to the details and double-check your work. Measure twice, cut once.

So much of the work we do relies on the laws of physics, everything runs downhill. Gravity sewer systems use change in elevation to convey fluids from point A to point B. You have probably heard someone say, “You can’t make water flow uphill.” Without some sort of pumping system they are correct!

Math has a very important application when it comes to installing gravity sewer systems. In our industry you can figure almost everything by breaking it down into simple squares and triangles. Using a level and grade rod you are always making sure the system being installed is consistently going up or going down depending on the application.

The math we do is not hard but is very critical to a successful project. Always remember to measure twice and cut once.

Creating a Culture of Safety in the Workplace

By: National Utility Contractors Association of Nebraka (NUCA of Nebraska)

How important is your personal safety and well-being? Do you want to go home at night or be mentioned in a news brief as another accident statistic?

Whether it’s driving on a road, traveling by airplane, operating construction equipment, working in a confined space or engaging in other activities that put us at risk, we all want to be safe.

Construction is a career that offers many rewards and opportunities but carries a daily responsibility to focus on safety. Many construction companies schedule regular Toolbox Talks where employees huddle and discuss a safety topic before going to a jobsite. It’s an important reminder to be safe, mindful and watch out for your fellow employees who often become your friends and a second family. Wearing protective gear is essential.

It’s everyone’s responsibility in the construction world to promote and participate in a culture of safety. Just like sports teams rely on their fellow teammates to be successful, employees working in the construction profession depend on each other to be trained, use the tools they’re given, and prevent accidents and other activities that can put their co-workers at risk.

There is no price tag for the loss of an employee. In addition to losing an employee, there are also the costs of damage to equipment or other products, schedule delays in getting the job done, unhappy customers, legal fees, increase in insurance costs, overhead costs and other expenses. If an accident occurs that’s not a fatality there are also the medical costs and workers’ compensation claims that can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Be accountable and be a trustworthy employee. Pay attention and take training and safety practices seriously. It’s a matter of life or death.